رولاند اسمیت

رولاند اسمیت

Sandy Rideout

When not writing books with Yvonne, I continue to work in corporate communications. Cubicle life may be less glamorous than life on a film set, but it has its appeal. For starters, I don't have to hang off buildings or face down grizzlies. Plus, I get paid to care about split infinitives, punctuation and the use of the passive voice.

I often write about technology, although I am a confirmed technophobe. I love speechwriting, but I hate speaking in public. I hate planning, but I like deadlines.

The worst job I ever had was washing towels in a gym in a creepy, roach-infested laundry room. The best job I ever had was handing out clean towels at the same gym—with an all-male staff and an open door to the men's change room.

My main interests—aside from writing books, reading books, and reading about writing books—are coffee, chocolate, and running. My ideal day combines all of the above with blog-hopping to the sites of my favorite authors followed by a good hit of TV.

I've never won an award as prestigious as the Woody, but I'm happy for Yvonne. Really. It's an honor just to write with her.